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I’m really bored with the slick and over produced things I see all around me I wanted bring back a bit of the human touch and have some fun. And so… was born Merchant Malloy, named for the nickname my dear old Ma used to call me when I was young.


Dogs and abstracts and more dogs and maybe the odd cat and bird thrown in for good measure we will see where it leads.


The main thing is whether they are block printed or are "printed paintings" the pieces are all painstakingly hand printed or hand painted. Some are limited editions (and even then they are not all exactly the same). Many are unique. No cookie cutter here they are individual pieces for individuals.


Loving bring to them life in a practical way and loving the thought of them finding homes where they can be loved.

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The technique...


For block printing a shape or "Block" (usually rubber) is covered in ink using a roller, brush or spatula. The block is then pressed directly onto the surface of the fabric. Sometimes the block is drawn into first creating line work within the shape. These are considered limited edition although strictly speaking each design is slightly different.


Other items are created by effectively making a painting in one or many colours on a rectangular block that is then pressed to the fabric. Hence the term "printed painting". These are completely unique and cannot be repeated.


It should be noted that this is an artistic process. There will certainly be variations in colour and texture and form this is entirely intended and should not be regarded as a defect. It is in fact the joy of it!


All items (unless otherwise specified) are hand printed or painted.


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